Morning everyone. Yes, I’ve not posted all week. I should apologize. But would it be sincere? Thing is, there’s been absolutely nothing to report back on. It’s been one really dull week where it’s just been going to work, coming home, wasting time and going to bed.

The only thing I can tell you is that I’ve been drinking way too much liquid and as a result, been waking up too often during the night to go to the loo. Thus, the next day, I feel tired. The further into the week I went, the worse I felt. On Wednesday, I tried to drink less and yesterday, even less than the day before.

Last night, I finally had a decent night’s sleep. The theory is that any water that’s been retained by my body has finally been processed and I’m back to “normal”. Touch wood, I don’t drink too much today and can have another good night’s sleep again tonight. But then, I always sleep better when I know that there’s no work the next day.

And tomorrow is my birthday. I already got a phone call from Tasha and my half brothers in Cape Town to wish me well. They thought it was on Wednesday already. Not quite. But it was great to chat to them and we spent almost 20min on the phone gossiping about stuff.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping the weather holds out. I want to go to the botanical garden in Randburg. I managed to get hold of a photographer friend, Neil, earlier. And he’s keen to meet up with me there, to play around with cameras and stuff. After that, we’ll go through to Brightwater Commons where we’ll meet up with friends for my birthday.

I am so looking forward to going home 🙂