Well, today is my birthday. I woke up feeling quite good. But then, I always feel better over a weekend, than on a week day. I had made plans the previous day to meet up with Neil, who is a professional photographer friend that Elize and I both know. Having looked outside, though, I saw that Mother Nature had thrown a spanner in the works. It was really threatening to rain and we got intermittent showers nearly the whole day.

It didn’t put too much of a damper on my spirits, though, passing the time until 14:00 by messing around on the computer and whatever.

At 14:00, Marc and I climbed in the car and went to meet up with a bunch of my friends at Brightwater Commons. Originally, we were going to meet at Edelweiss, but with the rugby on, there was no chance of getting a table. So, instead, I booked a table at Scrooge’s, which turned out to be much better. I wasn’t sure how many friends would join us, so I booked place for about 16 people. I think the maximum we had was about 10-12 people, but as some left, more would arrive. The party finally broke up at about 21:00.

We started out with Neil, Tish and Mark (met at Heia), Elize and Stuart (online friends), Charles (Marc’s friend), Lee-Ann and Wesley (school friend and her husband). After Elize and Stuart left, Rene and Steven arrived for half an hour. Then Tish and Mark had to leave, to pick up their daughter, Adrienne, and Marc’s father, Ulf and Laura arrived. Slowly everyone started leaving, until it was only myself, Marc, Ulf, Laura and Neil left.

I should have told him not to, but Neil bought me a a book on photography and framed a picture that he had taken of me recently. I’m assuming that he took it at Elize’s cheese and wine from the weekend before.