I haven’t written all week. It’s been another slow week and there is very little to report back on. Next week, I’m going for my treatment and I really cannot wait. My back is sore today. That rib of mine on the right is also still sore. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I slept very well, though still waking up for the bathroom. Last night, I must not have found a good position to sleep in, because I’m aching this morning.

Just to refresh your memory, I’ve got brittle bones. Basically, what happens is that there is always a pair of processes happening within the body, which break down and build up a person’s bones. With someone with brittle bones, the breaking down process happens faster than the building up process. This leads to a lower bone density and an increased risk of fractures occurring.

The treatment that I will be going for is called “Aredia”. It is a series of IV treatments, taken for 3 hours on 3 consecutive days every 6 months. What this will do is slow down the breaking down process, allowing my bone density to improve.

I will definitely keep you updated on how it goes and any differences that I notice.

Last weekend, I got a set of headphones, since the last pair broke. They were a cheap R5 set, which I had left in my bag and then found the one piece had broken. This set that I’ve got now is so comfortable to wear. They fit right in my ear and do not fall out.

I started listening to music at work now. It’s just so relaxing. I’ll have one ear piece in my right ear and answer the phone with my left ear. I did break into song once. Jean laughed at me. But hey, it’s good to have fun 😀

I should mention that our dogs are still doing fine. To be honest, they’re spoilt rotten. I haven’t been giving them Husky Homestyle with their dinner recently and I think Pumba is a bit upset with me about that. But heck, he can handle plain pellets. Especially since the spoilt brat falls asleep each night with his head on my arm! I think Marc may be getting upset because Pumba likes to sleep right between us.