Yep, Wednesday is just around the corner and I am so looking forward to it. Marc thinks I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high because the Aredia is not going to start working immediately. Well, hey, the time has finally arrived for it to start, so just for that I am happy. I asked for it to be scheduled for Wednesday through to Friday, just in case I need a couple days to get over any side effects. I’m honestly not expecting anything funny, but since it’s the first time I’m taking it, I’m not taking any chances.

On Saturday, Marc and I went through to Sandton City to do some shopping. It was for two purposes – a tanzanite stone fell out of my ring and that needed to be replaced. Marc’s ring needed to be resized, again. And I wanted a mini tripod for my camera. We ended up getting two. We went to three different stores. The second one had a lovely little one for R100, which served my purposes quite adequately.

Then, we found another store, while Marc was going from one cellphone shop to another, looking for a battery for his cellphone. In that store, we found another tripod which was a little bigger than the first and we got a lens cleaner.

On the way out, we got Pumba and TJ a few new toys as well as a couple ostrich chews. All of their treats proved to be major hits and they just love playing tug-o-war.

I got an opportunity to use the smaller of my two tripods on Saturday night when a thunderstorm suddenly came over. With the camera on top at an angle, the tripod only just managed to fit on my windowsill. It was nice to be able to get a full 8s shutter speed (the longer the shutter speed, the more light to capture a picture, necessary go get as much light as possible in night-time shots), though I’m not sure exactly what I captured in my shots…