Well, today’s session went far more smoothly than yesterday’s. They had to change the location of the IV yesterday, since the first one started leaking. They said I should get it bandaged up to prevent something happening to it, but I forgot to remind a nurse to get a bandage. Thank heavens for Marc’s paramedic days. He still carries kit around in the car and when we got home, I asked him to get a bandage out and strap it up.

It made it really uncomfortable to use my left hand, but it worked. The needle stayed in place and when they set up the drip, it did not leak. Once again, I fell asleep for a good part of the morning, though I read my book for a bit as well.

I’ve started reading “Black Wind”, written by Clive and Dirk Cussler, who I am guessing are father and son. The main character of the novel is Dirk Pitt Jr. I’m just hoping that now that my treatment is over, I’ll continue reading the book and actually finish it. It’s been ages since I last read something from beginning to end.

I actually don’t remember what I did today. I did not have a nap. Didn’t even consider it for a moment. I slept well last night and thus I didn’t feel as tired today.

Mostly, I messed around on the computer, playing games and lining up several pictures on ShutterChance. I’m still using pictures from my holiday last month and have barely looked at the shots I’ve taken since, though I know there are some nice ones hidden away. It was the bank’s birthday recently and I had the opportunity to photograph some antiques from days gone by. I’ve yet to download them from my camera and I’m hoping they came out nice.