So, it’s that time of the month again. I didn’t have a busy day, but I was in one hang of a mood. Thankfully it’s passed, for now.

First of all, I feel like having a gripe. Since only the first few lines of my blog appear on Facebook, I’ll mention it first. Yes, I still use the site, though sometimes I have no cooking clue why. It’s happened several times now, where people I do not remember (from my past, school, or wherever) or don’t even know (until they tell me they know me on IRC) have added me as a friend. Call me lazy, cynical or whatever, but I seriously don’t feel like going through the effort of sending them a message and asking, “Who the hell are you?” when they couldn’t even send me a message to go with the friend request.

Gripe time is over, but I don’t feel much better. It’s just nice to vent sometimes.

For those of you keeping an eye on my Shutterchance blog (links on the left), you’ll have seen that I’ve been sharing a lot of pictures from my holiday over the last few weeks. Last night, I was looking for pictures to queue up for the rest of the week and became really critical of the pictures I was looking at. I found fault with all of them and could not see any worthy of uploading to my blog.

The holiday was really awesome and now, returning to the more “regular” photos that I’ve taken is almost like taking a step backwards or a step down, or something. It’s almost frustrating and makes me think that visitors to my blog are not going to enjoy them as much as all my holiday pictures.

Tonight, I’ve only glanced at my pictures long enough to upload another giraffe picture, giving me a 3-day “buffer” period to get past this mood I’m in and look at the pictures I’ve taken in a fresh light. Hopefully I’ll find some that I like and am willing to share.