It’s about time I wrote in my blog again. I’ve been slack, though you wouldn’t think so if you saw the number of hits over the last week.

On Friday, as I was leaving work, I got a call from my mother. Gareth’s sister was down from the UK, to get some money from the bank (not the one I work for), from a sale of a family property. Even though she had the paperwork, there was still a problem and they were not releasing the money. To top it off, she and her daughter, with whom she was staying for the trip, were not getting on and she needed somewhere else to stay until the problem was sorted out.

After several phone calls between Helen, my mother and myself, it was established that she would stay where she was at least until Monday (yesterday) while Gareth (my stepfather, her brother) phoned and made inquiries. There was the possibility that she would fly down to Port Elizabeth, where Gareth was, and get everything sorted there.

Her other daughter, Nicky (one half of a set of twins), who lives in Cape Town, was going to fly up to Johannesburg to visit Helen while she was in the country. I wanted to meet up with them for lunch (or dinner) and introduce Marc, but several calls and SMS later, there was no reply, so we had to give up on that idea.

As mentioned, I still have not heard anything about what’s going on. I’ll have to phone my mom later tonight and find out whether there’s been any developments.