I know that I keep going quiet. It’s not that difficult to write a blog entry. It’s just the desire to do so that’s lacking. Again, not much has been happening, though last weekend, Marc got me a new camera – the Canon 400D. What a beauty. I still need to get my rear in gear, though and learn about all the manual settings on there. Very complicated when I still don’t understand all the photography lingo. What will probably happen is that I’ll learn how to use the camera but still not understand the lingo that goes with it.

The Sunday after that, was the SAGA Open Day. I had my old camera and TJ. Marc had the new one and Pumba. We very often split up and went wandering around by ourselves.It was a lovely day out and with the exception of a difference of opinion when we got there, the dogs behaved wonderfully. TJ eventually started to hitch a ride (on my cushion behind my back) as the day wore on.

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve not been feeling great. Finally, one evening last week, I thought to look up the symptoms of stress and found this link. I found myself nodding my head as I read through the list, identifying with several listed there. Having a look at some of the related articles, I could not identify a specific cause for the stress. I am in a call-center environment and there is a constant flow of work. Something you just have to deal with.

Just knowing what was wrong was enough, though. I took a sleeping pill that night and had a good night’s sleep. The next day, I decided, stuff it. I don’t care any more. Obviously, I’m not going to let my work suffer, but my attitude became that I did not care about anyone else. Thinking about it again today, I think that a couple work problems that happened a few weeks ago may have been the cause and playing on my subconscious.

I am sleeping better again now, but still seem to be tired. Maybe my body just needs a chance to catch up with my mind.