Well, sort of. Marc and I went for our first swim yesterday afternoon, after work. The water was rather cold when we first got in, but after a while, I got used to it and enjoyed myself. I just swam for the sake of swimming for the most part, but just before getting out, I did 3 serious lengths, albeit short because of the size of the pool. And then, pushed my pool noodle down under water and held it there as long as I could. I could feel it working my upper arms, which is all good – I can build up some strength to handle my camera.

Not only that, I was told to exercise after getting the treatment, since it will help the Aredia work better and strengthen my bones over all.

I think that today’s Shutterchance picture coincides nicely with the way I feel. It’s been quite hot lately, so I didn’t sleep well on Wednesday evening. Then, last night, we had a slight change and it suddenly cooled quickly and we had a little rain.

I suppose going to bed late (both Marc and I were playing games online) and waking up at 4:30 did not help matters. I was cold when I got up (needed the bathroom) and then, when I got back in bed and pulled up the blanket to get warm, my nose started going. I’ve always been like that – a change of temperature causes my nose to run.

I’m at work now, writing this before the start of my day and had to cover my AC (Air Con) unit, in the floor, with the dust bin, since it’s making my nose run again.

Not much else is news. I took my camera out the other night and photographed a rose bush in my neighbour’s garden. The bottom of each flower came out very dark – maybe even black, despite using several different settings, with and without the flash. This was all using automatic settings. I still haven’t gotten round to reading the manual and trying to understand what my camera can do. Right now, auto is nice.

I want to take it out again tomorrow morning or on Sunday and see if a difference in the angle of light will help.