Yes, I’m still here, just not been in the mood to write in this blog. You’ve not been missing much either. It’s just been work, go home, sleep, go back to work. Last week was a nightmare. The day would start out nicely, we’d have lunch and then it was as if everyone woke up and realised they’d forgotten something. The phones would go berserk ant the possibility of getting anything else done dwindled to almost nothing.

The only nice thing was going home to the new 22″ LCD monitor that Marc bought me. We picked it up a week ago yesterday and the difference is amazing. I don’t think I ever want to go back to using anything smaller again. I opened up a picture that I’d posted on to Shutterchance and could immediately see that it was not as sharp as I’d like it and true as bob, Neil pointed out that my focus was off, which it was, since my camera was focused on the rose, not the bee.

Yesterday, we went to Brightwater Commons again. This time, to meet up with Ulf and Laura. (Last week we met Charles. There was some kind of car show on the go, so not many opportunities for photos, with the exception of a Harley parked next to us). Yesterday was better, and I shot some fish, a duck and some puppies, among other stuff. I’ve not downloaded any of the pictures, so I don’t know how they turned out.

I must say, I really like this camera, the Canon 400D. The quality of pictures, compared to my Samsung is amazing.

The only other thing I can report back on is that we had lunch with the directors of the Bank, in celebration of World Disability Day. They said it was 3 December, but I secretly suspect that was World AIDs day and Disability Day was sometime last month, but who is picking at straws, right? The food was delicious and it was an awesome opportunity to socialise and chat with all my friends, some with their dogs, some blind and without, others in wheelchairs, and more besides. It was just a pity that it was only two hours and that we had to go back to work afterwards.