Well, it’s the very last day of 2007 and I thought it’s about time that I wrote in my blog. I’ve become very slack and I’m not sure I really have had a valid excuse. Though, with the exception of the last week, not much has been happening. Work, home, play computer games, spend time with Marc, do whatever, go to bed. I’ve just not been in the mood to write. I’m still not really in the mood, but feel I owe you an update.

Marc already spoilt me rotten for Christmas, well before the day. I got a Canon 400D camera and a new 22″ LCD monitor for my PC at home. That monitor makes such a difference. My table is clear and I’m able to put things on it, not that I want to put anything in front of my monitor. And best of all, it’s easy on my eyes. As you know, I wear glasses for reading and stuff, though I don’t wear them much at home. The monitor is right on the other side of my desk, against the wall, so it doesn’t hurt my eyes much.

On Christmas day, I opened a couple presents from my mother and grandmother. The first was a shirt and skirt, which my mother had bought. The other three were little dog ornaments. Two labrador puppies, and a Golden Retriever. I burst into tears when I saw that one, because I immediately thought of Fayth.

She has been on my mind a lot recently. It’s amazing how much I keep thinking about what happened a year ago. A year ago, we had decided to retire her and it just so happened that the holidays fell in such a way that we were able to ease her into life at home without any problems at all.

Fayth was in my dream last night. It was a very weird dream. We were back in Port Elizabeth, in Linton Grange and we were going for a walk past the library. I think someone was with us, but I don’t know who it was. It was a woman. The area looked a little different, in that there was another building between the library and the petrol station. In front of it, were 2-3 alsations on a long chain. Next to them was a labrador mix, which for some reason, I thought was a guide dog. The dog was a little underweight and acted aggressive. Fayth barked at the dog, so I pulled her away and walked around the service station to approach from a different angle and give Fayth a moment to calm down. The next thing I knew, the lab mix was in front of us and my friend and I were between Fayth and this dog, to keep them apart. The scene changed and I could see myself composing a letter to Guide-dogs, expressing my concern about this dog. Then, I was in the car, again with my friend who was driving and we were taking the dog to the vet and saying that we were going to get a bag of food for it to eat. That was when my alarm clock woke me up.

Back to reality. Marc and I had Christmas lunch at the Boma at Emerald City. I ate my lunch in the wrong order and started with the carvery, having gammon and roast beef, with carrots, beans and roast potato. After that, I had some salads and ended with some little cakes and whatever off the dessert tray. I can’t remember what Marc had, but we both managed to eat ourselves stupid.

The next day, Marc made a peri-peri chicken, which we’d gotten in a marinade from the butchery. We had that with rice, baby carrots and potato.

Yesterday, we went to visit Ulf and Laura. Laura is stuck in bed with a broken pelvis, so we visited and had pizza while playing board games. I actually enjoyed myself for once. Usually, we go out to places like Panarotti’s for supper and Laura and I sit looking at each other while Marc and his father talk about computers.

And that’s basically it. There’s not much else to report. I’ll talk about TJ and Pumba in another entry, probably tomorrow, if I write. Today, we’re having a half day. Half of our department went the day before Christmas, the rest of us are going today. Marc and I are going to go shopping. Maybe we’ll catch a movie as well.