So, I went to bed just before 22:00 last night and took all my pills and whatever else. And then lay awake for over an hour, knowing that the Voltaren injection would wear off and expecting the pain to return. I had taken a muscle relaxant, but no painkiller. I did feel a bit of a twinge, but nothing like the previous couple days. Finally I fell asleep. At about 4:00, I woke up again, needing the loo, as usual. As I got up, I felt a bit sore, but nothing really bad.

When I got back to bed, Pumba had moved to lie in the middle of my sleeping spot, so I had to move him back to where he normally lay, above my head. I don’t know why, but he likes to sleep as close to me as possible, usually between me and Marc. Then I have to move him, so Marc has space to sleep. Anyhow, we (Pumba and I) got comfortable again, him with his head on my right arm and we eventually fell asleep again.

This morning, I took another muscle relaxant, at Marc’s suggestion, but discovered a couple hours later that it wasn’t working like it had been before the injection. So, I took the anti-inflammatory which has a painkiller in it and that lasted for most of the day. I just took another now. I didn’t want to take one earlier, since I wanted it to last the night, so I could get a good night’s sleep. I am feeling better, but still need to catch up on lost sleep.

Work has been really boring for me lately. Over the festive season, it’s been quiet, so I’ve found things to keep me busy, mostly reading a bit of this and that. Today, I messed around online quite a bit. As you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog again. Since I’ve got a 22″ monitor at home, I found that my blog had a lot of white space to the left and right, since my screen was too wide. So I changed it to a theme with a flexible width, which will automatically adjust to each reader’s screen size. It does have a customizable header, but the picture I had before does not look right and overlaps the heading at the top of the page.

Anyhow, time to go to bed. More tomorrow, or sometime soon.