It’s amazing how feeling so sore can sap your energy as quick as snapping your fingers. I woke up this morning feeling quite good, but as the day got under way and I became active, getting ready for work and getting out the house, that muscle in my ribs became active as well and started spasming again. Before 9:00, I felt as if I could go back to bed.

Over the weekend, my back was feeling very sore. Yesterday, it still was not better, so I went back to the doctor. His theory was that I because of my brittle bones and my spine not being straight, I had a touch of scoliosis and I had a pinched nerve which was causing all the pain along my back and ribs. It did not explain why I got the back ache a week later, after the muscle spasms in my diaphragm, but I did not think of that while I was there. He suggested that I take the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant for another 2-3 days and a painkiller before bed and if it still was not better by Wednesday, I should book an appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon, who specialises in brittle bones. He thought maybe I’d need a brace, to straighten my back, or even surgery.

I managed to get through yesterday, with medication and was glad to see the day end. We stopped at the butchery and Spar for some goods for a recipe that I found online. It’s currently cooking in the slow cooker (crock pot) at home. If we like it, I’ll provide the link in my next blog entry.

Last night, we experienced Escom’s load shedding for the first time. The lights went out at about 20:30. Luckily, we had eaten supper already and we were sitting watching PVR recordings. It was quite fun navigating our way around in the dark, finding the candles and then going to be by candle light.

I asked Marc to give me a back rub. I am glad I went with my first thought and asked him to use arnica oil. He found two lumps in my back, which were knotted muscles, one on the left and one on the right. He applied some gentle pressure for a moment on each. By the time he was finished, I was so relaxed that I did not want to move again.

This morning, there is not a trace of back ache, but I’m going to ask him to give me a rub again anyway, just in case those knots in my back are still there. I missed my UV lamp massage last night because of load shedding, so my ribs are feeling it this morning. I’ve taken my meds and got a TransAct patch over the area, which is helping. I’m not feeling as tired as earlier, but am not in the mood for work. Hopefully if I keep myself busy, the day will pass quickly and without incident.