So, I’ve known about it all week and even though I was quietly confident that things would go my way, I still did not mention it to many people. This morning, I had a job interview with some managers that Marc works with, for the position of Test Analyst. They were able to tell me right away that they were happy with what they saw and I had got the job. I’m not sure of all the details yet, but I’m sure I’ll hear more once my current boss talks to my new boss and they decide what date I join my new team.

The whole reason this came about was because Marc’s team is moving to a new building in Sandton. Some 200-300 people. From my understanding, after a discussion with one of Marc’s managers, this is because there is not enough space for everyone in the CBD and the infrastructure in some buildings leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, the closest location to house everyone satisfactorily was a new building in Sandton. This is quite a trek for Marc and he was not happy with the idea that he would have to drop me off in the CBD first and then travel north, to get to Sandton. So the choice was to either stop working, or find something suitable in Marc’s department for me to do. Considering the amount of time that had passed since I’d done anything IT-related, I thought this might be a challenge, but thankfully, the managers that interviewed me think I am up to it and I am looking forward to it too.

I mentioned in one of my previous entries that we were going to try a recipe that I’d found online, for our slow cooker. Hearty Beef Crock Pot. The recipe is not fancy, but it was delicious and it lasted us about 3 nights. The one thing we changed in the recipe was to use frozen mixed vegetables, instead of baby carrots and we ate it with rice. I must say, it is so nice to leave food cooking in the slow cooker and come home at the end of the day to a house filled with delicious smells.

And Tuesday night, after staying late, it was definitely a welcome smell. There was some crisis at work and Marc was needed to sort it all out. That same problem rolled over for two days, so the last three days, we only left work at 18:00 at the earliest. Tonight, thankfully, we left work on time, though we still had to stop at Spar for a few groceries.

So far, we have not had load shedding tonight, but watch it happen now that I’m mentioning it. We’ve gone to bed in darkness 3 nights out of 4 this week so far. It’s not been too bad, though something blew in Marc’s computer last night and I’m worried that something may happen to mine as well. I’ve not backed up my data for a while now.

That’s about it for now. My muscle aches and spasms are slowly going away and I’m only taking medication when absolutely necessary. About 2am this morning, I had a hectic coughing fit, which lasted a couple minutes and made my diaphragm muscles feel all tender again, which made getting comfortable a mission. My back was a bit sore, but that was mostly from sitting up all day and not sleeping right. Having laid down for a bit while on the phone to my folks, everything’s feeling better.