Not that there’s much news to mention, but subject makes it sound interesting… The last few days have been pretty quiet. I found out yesterday that I can start my new job on 1 March, but my new boss came to me today wanting to ask my current boss if they can relax the 30-day notice thing and let me go a bit early. He brought someone else with him to introduce us. It seems he wants me to visit the test environment each day and learn what I can even before starting my new job.

That was the one piece of news. Then, last night, I had a look at the WordPress website, to see what news there was, and our blog accounts have been upgraded. We started with only 50MB storage space for files (like pictures and stuff), but now, that has been upgraded to 3GB … I don’t think I will ever run out of space now. So hopefully in the near future, I will add more to the gallery section.

It’s been raining quite a bit over the last few days. Nothing too heavy, but enough to keep the ground soaked, which has been nice. Though our grass is getting long again. The garden service is due tomorrow, but they’re scared of the dogs. Selina, our maid, says she doesn’t mind having them in the house, but I’m still going to phone home tomorrow morning and suggest that she get things done as quick as possible and let the dogs in before she leaves.

My back has been feeling better. I couldn’t get comfortable last night, so it’s a little sore today. Nothing that an early night in bed won’t fix. I’ve started to cough again, which made my ribs feel sore again. Hopefully it’ll come right in the next few days, though my GP still wants me to see my orthopedic surgeon, just in case there’s something more wrong, like a pinched nerve or whatever because my spine is not straight.

Besides that, there is not much to tell. We’ve been fairly lucky the last few days with load shedding, but Marc thinks we’ll get our power cut later. All the more reason to post this blog now and check my mail before it does go out….