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As usual, not much really. It’s only been two days since I last wrote, but it feels longer. Strange, that. I don’t suppose anyone noticed, but I topped 5,000 hits to my blog earlier this week. I’d have probably gotten it earlier had I written more often, but the milestone is there.

Yesterday was a productive day at work. I got a lot of closures done and today, got even more done. I was nearly caught up, until I opened the one e-mail, from Monday … to find 10 pages of closures and another 7 of deletions. Even though they’re printed on a landscape paper, not portrait, it’s still a lot. On average, there’s only half a page per day, usually less. Most of them were dated from last year, which I took up with my Supervisor and she phoned CSC to investigate. I doubt it will change – it usually happens once a month, but normally at the beginning of the month, where I have more time to plow through them.

My new boss came to visit again today. I barely saw him, since I was busy, but saw enough to see that he had a chat with my current boss. What the result of their conversation was, I have yet to find out. In the meanwhile, there were a lot of people all over Merchant Services who were sad to hear that I was leaving. “But you can’t leave us! What are we going to do without you?” they all say. I started training Themba today, to show him how to do my work. It felt strange sitting behind him, watching him work and me doing nothing. But he is learning very quickly. On Monday, I’ll start showing him the more technical stuff and how to deal with the guys from the technical help desk. It shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll wait and see.

On a more personal level, things are ok. The muscle spasms and aches and whatever are subsiding somewhat, though I’m still finding that I’m needing a cataflam every now and then. A TransAct patch also helps a lot. I’ve been sleeping well, too, but today it felt like I wasn’t rested. I got to work feeling tired, but after I’d eaten and got into the swing of things and working, I perked up. Finally at about 15:30 or so, it felt as if all my energy just disappeared.

News on the latest 007 movie was released. It’s called Quantum of Solace. I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time wonder if I’ll be jinxed with this film like the last one. I’ve still not watched Casino Royale again. I am going to have to watch it sometime before November (the new movie is due out then), since the plot follows on directly from Casino Royale.