Well, the countdown has begun. I got an e-mail from IT’s HR team saying that I was to officially transfer to the IT department on 15 February. I also found out my new salary, but I’m not mentioning that here. Needless to say, it’s quite a bit more than I was expecting. It was very nice of them to let my current boss know, though. I went to chat to her shortly after receiving the e-mail and she’d not heard a thing.

Work was quiet, as expected. I went to the doctor today, since I’ve got a heat rash on my neck. Though it’s not the rash I was concerned about. I’ve also got what I thought was a mole on my neck and when I felt it this morning, it was bigger. I’ve had it for years, but today I realized it had grown a bit. So I booked an appointment and the doctor explained that it was a skin tear, which happens from the skin rubbing together a lot. And yes, it can grow bigger. So he tied it off with nylon, which pinched a little, and cut it off. I have got a cotton pad next to me, which I am using to wipe my neck every now and then. Hopefully, it will help the heat rash to pass.

There’s not much else to mention, so I guess this blog entry is going to be rather short. I’ve been messing with settings again. I’m not sure what I want to do with this blog. I was hoping for something of a summary page, as a front page, and one can click unread entries, but this will do. It will be another reason to write less, but more often …