With everything that’s been happening, you would think that it’s easy to forget about one’s dogs. This has definitely not been the case here. TJ and Pumba have been well looked after. Though, I still worry about how they’ll all (Marc included) sleep without me in bed beside me. TJ is still ok, but Marc hates to go to bed without me and Pumba has to sleep close to me. Either above my head, or between me and Marc.

Back on the work front, things are going well. Even though it’s something I’ve had no control over, I still hate the thought that I’m letting my new team down, right when I’m supposed to be starting my new job. My new boss has been very understanding. They’ve hired a temp person to fill in for me until I get back and I’ll be able to go on sick leave with full pay.

It dawned on me today that this is my last few days with my current department. After over two years, this chapter is drawing to a close. Soon, I’m going to have to unpack my drawer, send a few SMS so that my technician friends know where to get hold of me and write farewell e-mails to the rest of the helpdesk people that I’ve gotten to know. I just know I’m going to cry on Thursday.

But, back to our dogs for a moment. Our little kiddies. They went to the doggie parlour today, but already you can tell that they’ve been playing and the hair behind their ears is becoming matted. They go for a pampering every month and over the summer months, their fur gets trimmed as well. Considering that Autumn is around the corner and their hair seems slow growing back, I did not have their hair cut this time.

As you know, I care about my dogs and want what’s best for them. I am a member on the myADSL forums and in a recent discussion (about Huskies) it came up that I free feed my dogs (where I leave a bowl of food down, constantly accessible for our dogs). Another member of the forum disagreed with this practice, since it’s not something a dog would naturally do in the wild. So, I did a bit of research. I found an interesting thread on another forum which gave other people’s views on free feeding. Opinions varied as to whether it was a good idea or not. Obviously, it boils down to the individual dog, whether it’s a good idea or not. You would not want to free feed an obese dog that gobbles down everything in sight.

Right now, both my dogs are happy with this method of feeding. They show no signs of distress and are both at their ideal weight and very active. Since TJ is such a picky eater, free feeding is definitely my choice. If I did not leave food down all day, he would fade away. He is not the type of dog to go to his bowl and eat a meal finished. He will nibble here and there as needed. It is time-consuming for me, however, since I constantly need to check that the bowl has food in it and it’s not been over-run with ants.