I’ve changed my mind about what I want to blog about tonight. If you’ve noticed, I’ve started adding pictures to my blog. Both this one of TJ and yesterday’s picture of Pumba were taken by Marc at the end of November last year. I have edited them and made them smaller before uploading. The picture of Pumba is especially beautiful, because you can clearly see the black lines around his eyes and down the sides of his eyes. It makes me think he has make-up on, but obviously he hasn’t. It is just his natural beauty.

What is with my stats lately? I seem to be getting a lot of search engine hits from people looking up weddings and pictures and stuff. Maybe it’s because it’s February. The month of love and all that. The most popular search term for the last week has been “short wedding hair”. It’s weird. Other search terms included “Thatchwoods” (Which is where we had our reception) and “going to work with a fractured rib”. No jokes.

Who would want to get married in February anyway? This whole month (as well as Christmas and Easter) is over-commercialized. It’s another money-making scheme, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a die-hard romantic and love flowers and chocolates, but as I said, too much hype these days. I still believe in, “It’s the thought that counts.”