… at least for now. And I really got spoiled by my colleagues. I got a huge floppy puppy, which matches a smaller one that Marc bought me last year. I also got a small teddy with a pillow behind its head, which snores when you press his tummy. On top of that, I got a basket of chocolates, biltong and a small dragon ornament.

Of course, there was a speech to go with it. Thankfully, I didn’t cry. Once again, it came up that I’m such an inspiration to people and I said, “How? I’m just me!” And Donn (one of our managers) said, “That’s it, you’re you. It’s your personality.”

I did not spend as much time with everyone today as I would have liked. Yesterday, I got a call from my gynae’s assistant, saying that she had booked an appointment for me to see a physician. She (my doctor) wanted to make 100% sure that I was going to handle the surgery OK. We were at the hospital just after 7:00 this morning. We got the forms we needed, then headed for x-ray. Since they only opened at 8:00, we went and had the blood tests done. To start with, they couldn’t find a vein. My arms are not straight, so it’s a nightmare finding a spot. They tried the back of my hand and were unsuccessful. So then they went in at the wrist. Getting the vein was not too bad, but holy heck did it hurt as they jabbed to find the artery. They needed the artery to get blood gases. My wrist had a swollen lump and was tender by the time I left. I also cried it hurt so bad. (I had some iceman in the car, which I rubbed into my hand. Swelling’s gone, but still got a lovely bruise.)

So then we went back to x-ray, realised the time and went to see the physician first instead. That done, we went back and sat waiting for x-rays. We sat there, waiting for them to be done, then waiting for the report until about 12:00. We went back to the physician, got a clean bill of health and finally got back to work after 13:00.

Above is a picture of me and TJ, taken in November last year, at the Guide-Dog open day. He was tired and was catching a ride on the cushion behind me. Someone I met at the show took our picture.