It’s been a little longer than I expected, since I last updated my blog. Marc has moved my PC into the bedroom and installed a TV card. So, now, I have almost no reason to get out of bed, besides going to the bathroom. But I still get up every now and then anyway, because it gets boring in bed.

We went for a check up this morning and the doctor is very happy with the way the operation went and how the wound is healing, though I’ve got a major heat rash which we’re now treating. It’s because I seem to sweat when I’m feeling sore, rather than realise, “ow!”

Since I’ve been in bed so much, I’ve actually started reading again and already finished one book and started on another by the same author, John Sandford, in the Prey series. I’m sure I’m not reading them in the right order, but don’t think it matters much.

Oh, and the doctor gave the go-ahead for us to go on holiday next weekend. I’m so looking forward to going to PE for a week. It’s been nearly a year since our last visit. I can’t believe how time flies and I’m really missing the smell of the sea.