So my PC is back in my office, where it belongs. I don’t know what came over me earlier, but I suddenly had to have it out of the bedroom. I had a headache, or something and the noise from the fan was driving me insane. Even having it in the bedroom, turned off, was enough to drive me crazy. So I asked Marc to move it. I had something to drink and felt a bit better not long after.

I don’t know what’s happened to my sense of time. I wake up at around lunch time, have breakfast for lunch and mess around, basically doing nothing. I’ve not been going to some of my regular websites, so it seems like each day is like the last and time has no meaning. Then I end up going to bed late, and toss and turn because I can’t get to sleep. But I don’t know what keeps me awake. It’s nothing really in particular. It’s like my body wants to sleep and my mind decides to think about absolute rubbish. But I still end up sleeping about 10-12 hours, on average.

I have to get into some kind of gear, though, because we’re going to PE on Sunday. There are things I need to sort out and to figure out what we’ll do while we’re down there. I know I want to go to the Seaview Lion Park … not sure what else…