I could say it’s been uneventful, but that depends on your definition of uneventful. On Saturday, we went to Cresta Shopping Centre to meet a Swedish friend who was over for a holiday. After that, Marc did not have enough time to take me home before reporting to work for an implementation. I found a computer and logged in to surf the web. We only got home at 02:00 on Sunday morning. Five hours later, Marc was back at work sorting out problems. Last night and tonight we’ve stayed late at work, while Marc and his team try and resolve issues with their project.

On my side, we are still battling to bring the test environment online. After sorting out one issue, another popped up. We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings. In the meanwhile, there is little to do besides sending the odd e-mail requesting information. The inactivity is driving me insane. I did a brief search this morning on the role of a “Test Analyst” and it seems there is a lot more to my job than just testing the system and sending e-mails. I’m going to start asking more questions soon. I’m sharing a computer with a guy that was hired temporarily to cover for me while I was on sick leave. He finishes on Friday. Next week, I’ll shift gears.

We went to see the orthopedic surgeon earlier about my arm. Once again, I was impressed by the efficiency of the radiology department as we were in and out of there within half an hour. We did not wait for films or a report – everything was sent directly to the doctor’s computer.

At the appointment, we were basically told that the cast I have on now no support for the fractured area. The break appeared to be right where the cast ended, or just above it. He suggested that I take the cast off and strap the sling straight to my body. He explained that it was difficult enough making a cast for a humerus fracture, made even more difficult by the shape of my bones.

I am actually considering taking the cast off, but would be happier if we could find a smaller sling. I am going to phone the pharmacy tomorrow.