On Thursday night, we took off my cast. The doctor said it was doing no good and after two days, I had prepared myself mentally. Even so, I felt myself tensing up and my leg started to shake. I was expecting something to go wrong any moment. Of course, nothing did. Marc carefully unwrapped the bandages and cut away the cotton wool. The only way I could describe it was that my arm had fallen asleep and was waking up again. It felt very strange.

Marc carefully washed me down. Even though the doctor said to put my arm straight in the sling, I asked him to humour me and find something he could bandage to my arm, like a splint. He found a pair of chopsticks in the drawer and used two thin white bandages to secure them. I must say, my arm feels so much better – less weight on my neck and I’m not sweating as much. Also, with the splint, the bone is not moving like it did.

On the whole, it felt so much more comfortable and there was less weight on my neck. At work on Friday, I noticed that I did not sweat as much and had no need for a painkiller. On the way home, though, I noticed that I was getting sick. Several friends at work have a cold or something and I must have caught it too.

Yesterday, it became a bit worse and I started taking some meds before it became even worse. I slept quite a bit as well. By the time Marc got home from paintball, I was feeling a little better and we got ready to go to a work function which was being held at Monte Casino.

After we got home, I took more meds and went to bed, only getting up over 10 hours later. I’m feeling much better today, though my nose is still a little blocked …