It’s meant rather sarcastically, since I am once again stuck at work, waiting for Marc to finish up. If you recall, he had an implementation two weekends ago, which somehow went pear-shaped on Monday morning. This led to several late nights last week as the team tried to figure out what went wrong. Tonight, they are back at it.

My last post was submitted a little earlier than usual on Sunday. Later that afternoon, I had my first lie-and-soak bath in weeks. I ran the water, added bubble bath and lay back – splint and sling and all. I lay there until my fingers and toes became all wrinkled. It felt so good. Afterwards, I rinsed off and let the sling and bandage dry by themselves.

Work has been quiet, but today picked up a bit. I had to bug developers for error messages and stuff and it was a good opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better. tomorrow might get a bit chaotic, since its the last day before testing begins and a lot of stuff is nowhere near finished. I enjoy being busy and this is starting to be fun.

There is not much else interesting to report. I’m still waiting for Marc to finish. It’s 20:15