Usually, when I’ve not written in my blog for a couple days, the hits to my blog take a dive. This has not been the case over the last few days. WordPress has implemented a new system that links blogs that are possibly related. As a result, I’ve received several hits from Ihasahotdog where there is a link to a blog entry about TJ. It has actually been my most popular blog entry this week.

As usual, not much has happened here. Work, then home again … boring life. But good news is, I’m really enjoying work again. I got told again today that I make a great contribution to the team, but I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it. All I’ve been doing is monitoring defects and following up on outstanding work to make sure it gets done. I suppose it frees up Jonathan to work on more important stuff.

So, that was as I was going home. Earlier in the day, I found a bunch of my blind friends having coffee and got to say hello to them and their dogs. They work on the third floor. It seems that their whole area prefer the coffee from the fourth floor. Suits me fine, since I enjoy seeing them and having a chat.

I finally got my pictures off Marc’s laptop last night, from our day out at the Seaview Lion Park. We went there while we were on holiday in Port Elizabeth, in March. It was right before I broke my arm. It was getting late so I didn’t look through all the pictures. I just chose a tiger picture from the first line of thumbnails, edited it and threw it on to my Shutterchance blog. Then I sent the picture to myself at work (since I forgot my USB stick at work) and shared it this morning with the photography group. The response on the site, as well as friends in the group, was great and I enjoyed reading all the messages.

And, on a last note, I’m getting a new PC at work. The first one, which I preferred working on, got formatted and then developed hard drive and RAM issues. The second one has junk on like you won’t believe and is incredibly slow. It’s going to take a couple weeks to arrive, but I think I can survive until then…