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We finished work early yesterday. About an hour and a half. It was spur of the moment, but I suggested to Marc that we visit Zoo Lake. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, but never get round to it. By the time weekend rolls by, we’re tired or just too lazy to go out.

The weather was perfect and for some reason, I did not feel like going home at right that moment. So, off we went. There are several entrances to the park and we entered from somewhere at the back. There was a hard, smooth dirt track which led us past a smaller lake to the paved path that ran around the main, much larger lake. Although there were no flowers, there was still a lot of greenery and loads of trees. Some beautifully decorated in Autumn colours.

I was very pleased to see several people walking their dogs. We thought it would be a good idea to make a little picnic and take the dogs out on Sunday for a walk. But Marc went paintballing today and he is already in bed and it is not even 20:00.

There were plenty of ducks around and later on, as the sun was setting, we saw several ibis circle overhead and land in the trees to roost for the night. The whole scene was so relaxing and it was nice to take a slow leisurely stroll.

At the other end of the park, we came across a restaurant, called Moyo, which like the rest of the park was very wheelchair friendly. After confirming that they would be open until late, and even though it was still quite early, we decided to stop for dinner. The menu was very different from what we’ve seen before, but certainly delicious. Marc chose a Lamb Tagine and I had Springbok medallions wrapped in a chicken breast. All I can say is, come hungry!! Their food is very filling.

We chose to sit outside, in a small, but open, shelter, overlooking the lake. The whole atmosphere was so relaxing. The reflection of the trees on the lake was gorgeous and we had a stunning sunset, but I had no camera to capture it with.

The whole evening was just so perfect. The atmosphere, the scenery and the best part was that our dinner was not rushed. I think we must have sat there for about two hours, from salad through to dessert. A beautiful way to end off a long week …