We took the dogs for a walk last night. As usual we got lazy on Sunday and didn’t go out. So we took them for a walk around the complex. Pumba is a real nut case.

The dogs pretty much start a fight when Marc pulls their leashes out. Once they’re on, TJ pulls like a steam-train … eager to get going. Pumba, on the other hand, turns around, takes the leash in his teeth and starts a game of tug-o-war. Usually, he keeps it up for half the walk and tires himself out … then the rest of the way he his fine.

Lately, though, he doesn’t stop from beginning to end. And yesterday was no exception. Near the end of the walk, his leash fell off his neck. Not that he noticed. He just adjusted his grip on the leash and continued to tug. Marc said that he did not know whether to try put the leash back on him or not. I said we should just try take him home, like that. The crazy mutt did not notice for one second that his leash was off. When I caught up with them, he was lying under a bush in the garden, leash hanging across his back. As soon as we moved to try and take it off him, he grabbed it again, for another round of tug-o-war.

What other obsessions does this dog have? Well, allow him anywhere near your face and he’ll lick you to death. Especially when it’s bed time and we lie down … we’re helpless to stop him. TJ as well, but at least TJ settles down after a moment or two. Pumba, if we don’t make him stop, just will not stop.

I need to remember to book them in at the grooming parlour tomorrow. They phoned yesterday, but I was in a meeting and forgot to phone back. Work has kept me incredibly busy, but it’s a good feeling because I am frequently told what a good job I’m doing.