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Yesterday, Marc and I were catching up on some recordings on the PVR and watched two episodes of Supernatural back to back. The one from Season 1, the other from Season 3. Both episodes featured ghosts that had not moved on for different reasons.

Sunday nights are never good nights for me, probably just thinking it’s the start of a new work week, though I really am enjoying my work. Anyway, at three in the morning, I was lying in bed and thinking about stuff. Mostly about ghosts. How do they get trapped in our world? How bad must an event be that they feel that they cannot move on? How do their issues get resolved so that they can move on?

You may be reading this and thinking, but there is no such thing as ghosts. There is. I had my own experience several years ago.

I used to chat online a lot more than I do now and had many friends across the country and even world wide. I had a good friendship with a guy named Richard, from Durban. For some reason, I’d been avoiding him for a few days and the next thing I knew, someone told me that he had passed away in his sleep. He was not that old, but maybe it was his time to go. Needless to say, I had felt a little guilty for cutting myself off like I did.

It was not long after that – maybe the next night – that I was going to bed and had turned my lamp off, when, for some inexplicable reason, it turned back on. I got a fright. Maybe the switch had not been turned all the way off and just slid back into the on position. Maybe it was Richard’s spirit.

I found a friend online the day after, who went by the nickname Cassius. We’d had some interesting conversations in the past, covering various topics. That night, he told me that he was able to communicate with spirits. He called it a “train stopping by”. He said that Richard had been trying to get hold of me, just to say that all was well. While we were chatting, I felt someone in the room with me. It was comforting to know. It put me at ease and close that chapter in my book.