The weekends seem to fly by so quickly. It’s already Sunday afternoon. And June already. The months are flying by faster than I thought possible.

Marc and I have been going out a bit more recently, but just by ourselves usually. Last weekend, we had dinner at Sandton City, at a restaurant called Pigalle. It was a very fancy place and very expensive, but we had a voucher from work, so we didn’t pay anything.

While we were out last Saturday, I also bought Marc a new all-weather jacket, since his old one was falling apart and it was also his birthday on Thursday. He is such a difficult person to buy for, since he has everything he wants and never seems to want anything else.

This whole week has been rather quiet. The first cycle of testing was scrapped and is being restarted on Monday. In the interim, we had someone come in and help sort out why we had so many defects logged with such a slow turn around time on getting them closed. When I left late on Friday afternoon, the bulk of defects had finally moved from the testers to the developers. Something Jonathan had been expecting for some time.

The whole reason we left late on Friday was because we’d booked to see a remake of a Queen performance at the Johannesburg Civic Mandela Theatre. It felt like I was watching an old video of one of their concerts from back in the 80’s. The group had everything spot on, from the hair styles, to Freddie’s tight outfits and his unique stage performance.

We went with Ulf and Laura. Afterwards, we went to Panarotti’s for supper. We finally got home somewhere around 23:00.

Marc went paint balling yesterday. Besides that, the weekend has been very quiet. As usual, very little to report…