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We got back earlier this afternoon from very welcome and much appreciated surprise holiday. I was completely unaware of what was going on until I looked through the door and saw Marc signing in at reception. Let me explain what happened.

On Friday morning, Marc sent me a message saying that he had to work late, since he had another implementation. He said he was going to be extremely late and the only time he could take me home was at lunch time. He had already spoken to my boss and everything was fine. I thought nothing of it and said, “Ok, meet you downstairs at 12.” A little after that, he said he had a meeting offsite. When he got back, he told me that he’d fetched some things from home, since it looked like he had to work on Saturday as well and Charles needed some things for paintball.

Even after we got in the car and Marc selected “Charles” from a list of of favourite places on the Novago and drove through some weird locations through town, did it occur to me that Charles would not work in such an area. I forget his line of work, but was quite sure his offices were not in central Johannesburg. As we drove, I started dozing off. I’d noticed we’d been driving for an hour, but I still did not get suspicious of Marc’s plans. Finally, as we pulled into Heia Safari Ranch, I got a little confused and asked Marc, what is Charles doing all the way out here. He continued to pretend innocence, until I saw him sign in and pick up a room key.

When I realized we were staying, it suddenly felt as if the real world was far far away and I felt so relaxed that quickly became tired.

So what was it all about? Our first wedding anniversary was on 3 June and Marc decided to surprise me with a weekend away. He had been planning everything for a month already, even though I told him not to worry, since we’d had a very active weekend last weekend and went to a live Queen show and all that. His “offsite meeting” was actually an opportunity to fetch clothes from the house and take the dogs to Dogon kennels.

Even though it was a bit cold, the weekend could not have been spent more perfectly.