It could only be a Monday morning. I really did not need this, especially after such a lovely weekend away. So what all happened today? Not that much, but it prevented me from getting much done work-wise.

I got to work as happy as can be. I even had some banana bread for breakfast. I got to my computer and tried to log on. I got a message saying that my account had expired. Not my password. My whole account. It took me until 11:00 to figure out that this was due to my Outlook license having expired and I needed my manager, or someone, to apply for a new one.

Now, this is not something that is instantly obtained, so I was still locked out of the system. So, while sorting that out, I got myself some lunch and discovered that my token was not playing fair. I needed the token to access the floors that were blocked to non-disabled people in the building next door. Luckily, I know friends who are willing to help and get things done. If only organizing a new license was as easy as getting that token.

So I sat down and had some lunch, before chatting with some of my friends. One of them was kind enough to log on to my computer so that I could get some work done, even if I couldn’t distribute e-mails. That got me somewhere.

And then, later in the afternoon, my new computer arrived. Oh boy is it a nice machine. Much faster than my old one. And the hard drive is completely clean. Which means everything is behaving as it should. The fun part now is that I need admin rights again, so that I can get everything working to get my work complete. We’ve decided not to apply for admin rights until the Outlook license is sorted out. Then I can relax again.