Gosh, I don’t know why I’m so tired. After eating dinner, it’s like my body suddenly realised it was time to relax and started to fall asleep. I’m barely awake right now. But then, I’ve not been sleeping well again. For some reason, I’m waking up too often during the night needing the toilet. I’m hoping to have an early night tonight and go to bed after I finish this blog entry.

I can’t say much has happened at work. My e-mail license has not been sorted out, so much of the day was spent pretending to look busy, as a colleague would put it. Though I did try to keep an eye on defects and managed to get a couple closed. New ones have opened, but on the whole, the total number of defects has come down significantly. The project is looking quite good.

One thing that I did do was keep an eye on the news and must say, there were some cute stories in the news. The first story is about one of the few wild elephants left in the Knysna region. Klein Jan: 1 – Tractor: 0 … this gentle giant really does not like tractors.

The next story is a definite must read. All about a very clever dog – Butch, the forensic detective. Butch can detect drops of blood not visible to the naked eye and diluted … he is amazing. You really have to check it out.