Pretty much two weeks have passed and the only interesting thing that I can mention is that I had a hair cut yesterday morning. I’d been saying for a week or two now that I wanted it cut. Not too short, since it’s still winter, but I was tired of the same old style. So, Monday morning, I stopped by, but Kelly did not have a slot open at the time I wanted, so agreed to go back first thing yesterday. I got several compliments  which was nice, but I could have smacked Marc, because he pretended not to notice. It’s actually the shortest I’ve had it in a while, with a fringe and bouncy curls everywhere else.

We have been leading a rather boring life. I have to admit. We didn’t go out again this weekend. Though, Marc did go and play paint ball on Saturday.

Sunday’s movie was called “Shooter”, which we both found interesting. Not all the Sunday night movies have been that great lately, but as I said, we both wanted to watch this weekend’s movie. So, for the first time in a while, we hauled the duvet off the bed and curled up on the couch to watch it. The dogs, of course, made themselves comfortable where ever they felt like.