So I put it off for quite a while, but eventually got it done a few months ago, with the help of some people at work – I updated my ID book at Home Affairs to my new, married name. I can’t remember why, but I’d been putting it off for a while. Most likely, I was not keen to sit in queues and all other hassles that go with it. There are other companies that stand in queues for you, to get stuff like licenses and whatever sorted, but I found them a bit expensive.

Anyhow, so it eventually got done. I got the SMS on the Friday before I went on holiday (last week was the holiday – more about that in another post) and the friend that helped me get it sorted went back to Home Affairs and picked it up for me while I was away. When I saw him earlier this week, he said that mine got processed quite fast. I only thought later, as a joke, that’s because my surname is at the top of the alphabet …

Anyway, what I learned this week was that getting it done at Home Affairs was the easy part. Updating my banking details and getting everything sorted on the system at work – that was the hard part. I’m still not sure if it’s all sorted and quite tempted to leave it until Monday.

Our department has some weird team building fun day planned, based on the Olympics happening in China. We’ve all got to get dressed up in different themes (our team has an athletes theme) and challenge other teams to silly races. Sounds like some mad fun.