So last night was the first time I attended an IRC meet since I moved to Johannesburg (about 3 years ago). I took over an IRC chat room a few months ago, and out of the blue, we decided to organise a meet. So that we could meet face to face the people we had gotten to know on our screens.

There were ten of us and we all met up at the Dros in Edenvale. Even though it was month end, the place was not busy, which was surprising.

We used to have meets rather regularly, before the gang split up and moved away, in Port Elizabeth. They were fun, but I always found myself sitting quietly, listening to the conversations going on around me. Though it started off a little quiet (for me), as things got going, I started chatting to everyone quite a bit. I had loads of fun.

Marc has taken up paint ball as a hobby, so most weekends, he meets up with some of the guys and has a few games. Yesterday, he was gone the whole day again, but he was back in time to take me to the meet. He was very tired, though, and when 22:00 rolled around and he started putting his head down on the table, I knew it was time to call it a night.

Thanks, Dolkapot, hope, burn, mystic, obihaze, Water, ShyGirl and el-torro-loco … last night was awesome and I look forward to next time.