I’m sitting in my manual wheelchair now, because the seat for my electric wheelchair has gone in to be upholstered. Even with a car seat cover on, the actual seat its self has become worn down with age so that the frame is peeking out from under the padding. The chair is getting rather old now – I’ve had it 15 years or so.

Thank you, Marc, for organising that. It’s not something I would have done.

I am actually getting used to wheeling myself around in the manual chair at work. Though every time I ask someone how far it is that I’ve pushed myself, they tell me it’s only 20-30 meters, but I swear it’s more than that. I’ve been pushing myself around quite a bit. My left thumb is feeling a bit tender. I have a tendency to grab the wheel to push, rather than that inner metal wheel.

Whatever the distance, I’ve gotten a heck of a load of exercise recently, and will get more exercise tomorrow, since the seat is not back yet. That, and the fact I am trying to cut back on how much I eat, and what, should hopefully mean I am losing a bit of weight.

And by the end of the day, I am so tired. This afternoon, I found myself yawning frequently. Last night, I slept so well. The best I have slept in a while and can only wonder whether it’s from all the exercise. I am hoping for another good night’s sleep tonight as well.