I’ve got the seat for my wheelchair back! While it was a grey and white colour before, the seat is now a dark grey. Getting into it was cool. It had that brand new leather smell to it. The padding is so thick now that I feel so high up. It is so different. I’ve got to get used to a different way of sitting and have to be careful getting out my chair, in case I misjudge the distance from my seat to the surface below (like couch or loo, etc).

It should not take too long before I’m used to it again. It was only three days and I was saying to Marc that if he was tired, he could leave putting my chair back together again until tomorrow. It took a bit longer, but getting from one place to another was getting easier each day that passed.

The only frustrating part was not going those extra long distances, like going to the canteen.  We don’t make lunch at home, so I usually buy a salad. For breakfast lately, I’ve been having fruit. If I don’t bring from home, then I get that at the canteen as well. I have been trying to eat better, and less. So far, I’d like to think I’ve been doing a fairly good job.