We didn’t do much this weekend. Not only was the weather not that great – quite windy, strangely enough, but once again, we were rather lazy. Instead, we ended up just watching hours and hours of stuff we had recorded on PVR. We started with the recorder being about two thirds full. By the time we were finished, we were down to the last few hours of recordings. Though some of it was recordings of series that had finished and we never removed it from the schedule.

There is actually not much to write about. Sandra phoned Marc, to interview him about his Paramedic days, for another of her University projects. He doesn’t have as much experience as Vaughn, another paramedic friend who he used to work with. Hopefully she got enough from the chat for her project. They did talk for long enough.

At work, we’re about half way through our second project. I can’t say it’s gone smoothly, but hopefully we’re through the roughest patch now and things will get better from here on in.

I know I need to start writing in this journal more. And I think I will start doing so, but some entries may be of a more personal nature and have a password on, so that I can restrict views.