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So, Marc and I did have plans for this weekend, and then I decided I wasn’t in the mood any more. On Saturday, I was up early. Even though we’d gone to bed late, I was up early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I left Marc in bed and got on the computer. A couple of my IRC friends invited us round for a braai (BBQ), so as soon as Marc was awake, I confirmed if he was ok with the idea.

That was at about 09:00. By midday, we were on the road, since it was out in Centurion that we were meeting up. We stopped at the shops for one or two things to take with and off we went.

When we got there, I actually forgot my cellphone in the car (not that anyone missed me, and not that I even needed it. I had such a good time that I barely noticed the afternoon slip by. Before I realised it, the sun was setting and it started to get cold. That was when Rudi decided that the old dog house could be used for firewood and made a bonfire. That was fun.

The friends I met there were GummiBear, Nosferatu, Feisty_Faerie, astrix and SmokingSquirrel.

There was talk about everyone going out after the braai was done, but Marc and I found that we were getting tired and said goodbye to everyone a little early.

From the chats I’ve had today, it seems everyone had a very late night, or early morning. Marc and I got to bed at a reasonable time, but I found myself tossing and turning again just after 05:00. I’ve not had a nap today, so hopefully I slep well tonight.