I am so tired right now, it is unbelieveable. And I didn’t even have that hectic a day. Maybe old age really is catching up with me. Thirty isn’t that old, surely?

I woke up this morning not feeling any different, though I was in two minds whether to mention at work that it was my birthday or not. I figured that HR would send out an e-mail to the whole department wishing me well, so might as well tell them. Turns out, the e-mail never did arrive. Marc is going to remind them about it tomorrow.

So I had everyone wishing me well, even my team from my old department, at Merchant Services. Then my manager, Jonathan, took our team to have cake, since our newest member also celebrated his birthday today.

That slice of chocolate cake was so filling, that I have not been hungry all day. I wanted to go out and have a strawberry waffle, but when we left work, I couldn’t handle the thought of eating anything else, so we just came home.

We have an IRC meet coming up for Saturday, and I remembered that Brightwater Commons also has a Milky Lane there, so I think we’ll get there a bit before the meet and start celebrating early with a waffle.