I have really enjoyed the last couple days at the office. I don’t know why, but I have been in a very bouncy and energetic mood. A mood where I just wanted to chat with everyone, preferably annoying them, which actually didn’t happen much. I actually ended up getting to know some of my team a bit better.

Yesterday was really fun. One of our developers has the name Neo (pronounced similar to “Dayo”), so I occasionally tease him about his name and other stuff. Earlier in the week, we had a huge debate, where Neo included half the office, all about whether a Snacker was a chocolate or a health bar. To end it, I promised to buy him one, which I did.

At lunch time, I had lunch with all the developers. I didn’t say much, but it was great sitting and listening to all of them chat. Unfortunately for Neo, we had another go at him about something, though I can’t remember what now. But our team will do anything for a laugh.

Later in the afternoon, I got bumped off my computer by Wayne, who needed to use one of the programs to update some defect details. So I just went round the office, chatting to different people. At one stage, I said to Manav, I should try kick Wayne off my PC, to which he replied that I should, that Wayne is such a girl, he won’t fight back. And Wayne is a huge guy, and definitely not a girl. I told Wayne this, who looks round for Manav and cracks a joke about wanting to take it outside.

All too soon, the day came to an end and I was on my way home agan. On the way out, I said goodbye to Neo. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Goodbye.
Neo: You see, this is why I can’t talk to you. We always fight.
Me: We don’t fight. Manav, do we fight?
Manav: Well there was that time about the chocolate.

Neo, we don’t fight that much, do we? LOL … I really need to thank the team for being such a great bunch of people.