What a night! Last night was our second official meeting for the Johannesburg chatters for the “Adults Only” chat room.

Don’t let the name of the room fool you. Our regular chatters are far from senseless, depraved, gutter fools as some think. Get to know us and we are a close knit bunch who do not suffer idiots lightly. The room has been getting increasingly busy over the last few months as new people join, like what they see and stick around to become regulars. The fact that we have a good team of moderators to keep the peace also adds to the room’s overall appeal.

There is a link on the side of my blog, for anyone interested in checking it out.

I actually lost count of how many people arrived along the course of the evening. There were chatters from the chat room, ex-chatters that did not chat much any more and people that did not even chat. It had been Elize’s birthday the week before, my birthday last week, and someone else celebrating a birthday coming up. And it was so much fun.

Marc and I arrived a bit early because I wanted to walk around the flea market … and get a waffle, but as luck would have it, there was no Milky Lane. Then we met up with Elize and Andre and had dinner together before everyone arrived. Though some had arrived already and were sitting at another table.

Each meet just gets better and better. We’re getting to know everyone more and more and more as time passes and it’s great to have friends outside of work and now off the computer as well.