Full of Fun

I so enjoy my job! Let me start at the beginning here …

Last week Saturday, we had an IRC meet where about 30 friends rocked up and we had a blast. One of them was a friend of Elize’s, a photographer, who she met at the track (she’s a biker nut – and I’m so going to get a smack for that comment).

So, I’ve not been picking up the camera so much over the last couple months, but last weekend, I nearly got thumped by Elize’s friend, Gillian, because she was disappointed in the fact that I’d not been taking so many pictures.

I’d been taking my camera to work (the little Digimax), since a week or two previously a friend and I had taken a walk to the parkade and taken pictures from the top floor during our lunch hour. On Wednesday, I decided to pull it out and see what kind of pictures I could come up with.

The one above, of Neo, was just luck. I was aiming at his laptop, wanting to compare settings between shots and Neo decided he wanted to be in the picture. This picture just shows what a fun-loving bunch we are and what a great team we are in the office.

Yesterday and today, I took in my Canon EOS 400D and took more pictures, but since we were late at the office last night, I’ve not had a chance to see what gems I was able to capture. Also, need to ask the guys if they don’t mind me sharing pictures of them online… More next week, hopefully …