I enjoy my music. It’s quite obvious, since the title of this blog is taken from a song. I find lyrics quite meaningful and often the words get me thinking.

I’ve been listening to Seether quite a bit lately. Seether is a South African band who has made it big overseas. The song that got me thinking last night, and today, is called “Fake It”. Not a song you will hear on the radio, because there is some language in it.

Anyway, one of the lines of tho song says: “Fake it, if you don’t belong here”.

It got me to thinking about my life so far. Kind of cliche, but yes, it did. For a long time, even though I had friends, I felt like I did not belong. I felt like an observer looking in on something that did not feel quite right. The people said they were my friends, but I felt like they were just humouring me. That connection was not there to make me feel like part of the group.

Things have changed quite a bit since I moved to Johannesburg. It did not happen immediately, but I finally realised that things are pretty much perfect. I have a great husband. I enjoy my job and I have made real connections with friends offline. Sure, I met them over the internet, but we’re meeting frequently away from our computers and I am actually enjoying it.

Having spoken with one of my friends about this, she thinks this is because I am more comfortable with who I am. Maybe age is playing a part. Maybe it’s just meant to happen like this. I don’t know. I just don’t want anything to change right now.