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Today was a little different from usual. A friend, Martin, that I used to work with (he’s a contractor, so moves from project to project) plays the tuba in the Rand Symphony Orchestra. Today was another recital by the Orchestra and Martin invited us to come along and listen (or watch, which ever you prefer). I was keen, though a part of me was still skeptical about whether I’d enjoy it.

I need not have worried. It was great fun and the afternoon passed quicker than I could imagine. Next time they have another recital, Marc and I will definitely be there. He enjoyed it too.

After it ended, and we’d said goodbye, we went to Kilarney Mall and had dinner at Barrington’s. The food was lovely and I’m sad to say that I ate a bit too much.

Once we got home, we once again found TJ inside the house and Pumba outside. Marc happened to have a chat with one of our neighbours. We thought he could get in through the window, but it seems he cannot. Our kind neighbour gives him a helping hand when he sees Pumba stuck, especially when it’s raining. They have a kennel outside, but never use it. Not sure what we’re going to do about this one …