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Marc and I got back earlier from another weekend away at Heia Safari Ranch. That place is such heaven and we relaxed so nicely that Friday seems to be a distant memory.

We left work early, since we had a team lunch at Zoo Lake, at the restaurant called Moyo. This time round, we were no tthat impressed with the food there. We felt that it was like something you could order anywhere. Marc had a boerewors roll and I had a peri peri chicken burger. There was nothing memorable about either meal. It still tasted great, but nothing to write home about.

About mid-afternoon, Marc wanted to leave and start out for Heia, since leaving it any later would mean that we’d be stuck in traffic. Good thing we left when we did, since traffic did start picking up.

We got to Heia with plenty of daylight left and relaxed outside by the pool and then had supper outdoors as well, instead of going inside to the restaurant. We went to bed early, slept in late, and then spent Saturday relaxing by the pool. I finished a book which I’d been putting off for ages and took loads of pictures of the zebra that were wandering round.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that they were all part of the same bachelor herd – about a dozen animals in total. And I really wanted to see some baby animals. So this morning, Marc asked the ranch owner about the babies and she organised us a ranger who drove us round for half an hour, checking what we could find. Though we didn’t see any zebra babies, we did see the giraffes right up close and several springbok babies and two of them were pitch black. The one was still curled up on the ground and looked like it might have only been a day old, at most.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them off Marc’s laptop …