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So much for editing pictures tonight. I’ve gotten side-tracked with so many different things and now it’s almost bedtime already. At least I’ve gotten the pictures from Marc’s laptop yesterday and made some kind of start. I’m about 30% of the way through and already have some awesome shots. I went mad with the camera, as usual, and the zebra stood around and walked past very close, which was great. It allowed for some awesome pictures.

I’ve still got so many that I want to edit, but I guess they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Pumba and TJ were so happy to see us. They couldn’t get enough attention last night, but quickly got tired for some reason. Even when going to bed, Pumba was not as desperate for affection as usual, which was quite strange. Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes. We’re running out of medication to calm Pumba, so we’ll kill two birds with one stone in the near future and take them for a check up as well.

The picture below is not that great, but for an action shot, it’s not too bad either. Unfortunately, daylight was fading, so the light was poor.

Play Time