Once again, it’s been quite a while since I updated this blog. I keep meaning to but never seem to get around to it.

The last week or two have been exceptionally taxing, seeing me in and out of hospital twice. The first time being the Monday 24 November to have another Ovarian Cyst removed. The surgery went fine and I was back home near the middle of the week. That weekend, I started having pain in my lower left side, which just got worse with every day that went by.

By Tuesday, I had to ask Marc to take me to Casualty. We originally thought it might be a fractured rib, but X-Rays showed nothing. Other test results showed that I might have some kind of infection, so I was admitted the same night.

During the days that followed, I had tests done and scans and a damn painful scope to check that my kidneys and bladder were all in working order. Everything came back fine, so the antibiotics did a very good job by Saturday already and I was bouncing off the walls ready to go home, but of course I couldn’t get discharged over a weekend. Good thing too, since I suddenly felt tired and sore again Sunday, but by lunch time I was fine again.

On more than a couple occasions, I became distinctly aware of a presence in the ward with me. You may think I’m talking rubbish, but it’s not been the first time. Though I never felt threatened by its presence.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had a couple very strange dreams. I never have nightmares but these dreams came close. In the first, my wheelchair lost control going down a long corridor. In the second, I had no control of a small plane that was taking off, but was not going to clear the tree line. I woke feeling scared, both times. They were very clear messages, to me anyway, that it was well past time to go home.

Yesterday, when I got home, I slept the whole day away and the whole night through as well. Today is a lot better and I barely napped. I think I can safely say I am on the road to recovery.