There’s that old saying, “Where does time go?” It’s nearing the end of the second week of 2009 and I have no idea what happened to the time. All I know is that it’s about time I updated this blog. So, I thought, with a new year will come a new theme. You may remember it. I’ve used it before. But it’s brighter than the old one. Reflecting my hopes that 2009 goes better (in some ways) for me than 2008 did.

Just to recap quickly, I was in hospital in November and part of December last year. I had another ovarian cyst (thankfully no more ovaries, so no more cysts … I can hope!), which had to be removed. The operation was fine, but less than a week later, I was back in hospital with some kind of infection. The week of 16 December saw me back at work for a 4-day week (got to love public holidays) and then Marc and I were on leave for Christmas and New Year.

The dogs were put in kennels and Marc and I flew to Port Elizabeth for nearly two weeks. We didn’t really do much and spent most of our time with family and just relaxing.

Everyone was fine and happy to see us, though we had a bit of a scare with my grandmother. She’d been having pain in her hip and the doctor told her that her hip had given in and would probably need to be replaced. Lovely way to scare everyone, get everyone stressed out. We found out this week, though that her hips and back are fine and it’s just a case of inflammation.

It’s been two weeks back at work. The traffic has picked up considerably this week, compared to before, but if we leave early, we miss most of it.

The dogs were happy to see us home and have settled back into routine nicely. Though yesterday, TJ did not want to let Pumba into the house, so he had to crawl under the table to gain entry. It was just a brief challenge and moments later, they were best friends again. They had a haircut today and then got rawhide chews when we got home. Spoilt dogs.